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Carlos Canet Fortea (Alicante, Spain 1961) is an artist, photographer and filmmaker who has worked in the medium since the early eighties. Since 1985 he works as a freelance in the publishing field; he is a specialist in the reproduction of works of art for editorial purposes; collaborating professionally with artists, museums and galleries in Europe.

Since the beginning of his artistic career (the first exhibition of his work was in 1984) the interest in the relationship between painting and photography is the recognizable sign in all of his works.

Since 1988 he has carried out a continuous work of experimentation in his own photographic and plastic language in which each new work is the daughter of the previous one; a trajectory of organic nature.

The paradigm shift brought about by the appearance of the digital medium for photography supposed a period of meditation and adaptation that was reflected in the Altazor series, a thematic continuation of his previous chemical work (Photograms) that supposed a goodbye and a greeting in its form to work. through the new stages.

Altazor (2005-10) collects the first extensive series in digital format with the conceptual approaches of the previous chemical work.

Dark Light (2010-18) is a work that investigates the falsification, memory and appropriation of photography.

Albero (2019) is a reflection on traces and architecture.

Nobu and Splash brings together the latest works since 2020: the times of the pandemic. They are works of marked luminosity and apparent simplicity, most of them made from the same window.

He has held numerous exhibitions and awards since 1984, and some of his works are represented in public and private collections in Spain, France, Germany, and the United States.

Since 2009 he is involved in small film projects as a screenwriter and director. He is currently tackling a social themed documentary while continuing with his artwork.

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